We have huge inventory of parts and can support your project with old , reproduction , refurbished or sometimes NOS stock . The price of these parts is reflected by what is commonly asked on Australian and US eBay sites . Be warned the prices range from reasonable to to expensive depending on their availability, rarity , source and the number I have left in stock . If and they , and they are usually sourced from the US and Canada the cost of postage can often be the same as the retail price of the item ! . If I have had to import the part then the import/postage costs are passed onto you . ( Sorry ) Postage listed with the parts is to repost to you .When you see the cost of these parts you can see why one of our finished bikes is such a bargain . Consider trading in your 'project' on one of our finished bikes . It may well be a very cost effective way to pristine KV75 or MT1 ownership . Remember if you build a bike from parts only it costs a fortune . Below are some photographs of commonly required parts that are asked for . This is by no means a comprehensive list of what we have in stock so please ask .

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We can supply a completely refurbished front fork assembly checked for straightness , rechromed sliders and gaiters , powder coated tripple clamps . Stearing stem bolt extra . Fork internal rebuild
Cost : $350 plus postage .

                       Fork internals rebuild kit 

                                   Cost: $100 plus postage

Two types of exhaust available . Early and late . Two types of exhaust tips early and late . Early had a smaller tip insert  and no KV75 emblem . Late wider insert and emblem . 
Exhausts are supplied with heat shield, polished collar , de-coaked inside ( solvent wash and oxy/acetylene  burnout ),  sand blasted, high temperature paint with new mounting screws and new copper gasket .
Cost : With nothing to do but bolt on to your project with above refurbishment  $300 
Spark plug,  condenser and points ( New)

Price : $110  Plus postage
Carb kit
Price $65 Plus postage 
Want the OEM look in your resto .
Hard to find and very expensive .
In this condition with mounting clamp , rubber grommet .
Sorry can't do it cheaper .

Price : $225 Plus postage
Reproduction throttle cable with oil injector control .

Price : $ 95 plus postage 
Front brake cable
Price $65 plus postage 
Rear brake cable
Price $70 plus postage 
Wiring harness .
Price : $47.50 plus postage 
Brake pad ( For one wheel )

Price $80 plus postage
Headlight bucket . Media blasted and painted . Ready to bolt on . Price $80 Plus postage
KV 75 Headlight rim .
Price $40 plus postage 
Headlight with electrical fitting and bulb ready to install.
Price $75 Plus postage .
OEM tailight lens (used) 
Price : $180 Plus  postage ( Ouch !)
Reproduction item nicely done but different colour , way  cheaper 1/2 price 
Price : $ 95 Plus postage
Re-chromed handlebar holders .
$65 each or $115 per pair 
Front or rear wheel hub ,  hydra blasted to this finish.
Price $50 Plus postage .
Fully refurbished rear KV75 SHOCKS . Media blasted , straightened ,  all chrome redone . Ready to bolt on.  Price $200 . Postage extra .
Early accurate 71-72 reproduction sets made in Australia as used on our restorations .  Price  : $105 plus postage 
Early accurate 71-72 reproduction sets made in Australia as used on our restorations .  Price  : $105 plus postage 
Early reproduction guard identical to original sourced from the USSA . Supplied with new stainless mounting dome top nuts and screws . No fiddling just bolt on .

Price : $135 plus postage . Green or orange 

You may want a latter try front guard for your later bike or even fr the earlier model . It is larger and flexible . The earlier type is brittle even as OEM .Your choice .

Price : $145 plus postage 
Reproduction fits all years
Price : $150 plus postage
Tail light plus lens mounting plate 
As is Price : $100
Refurbished . Painted with new mounting bolts etc 
Price : $165 Plus postage
Tail light bracket 
As is Price : $35
Sandblasted , painted and new mounting bolts Price : $75
Plus postage
Re-chromed and straightened in our jig . Add some bling to your restoration . $80 per side or $150 for the pair . Plus postage.
Rechromed handlebar location and release knob (nut).
$ 45 each or $75 per pair plus postage
Handlebar holder bolts $10 each or $35 for a set of 4 . Plus postage
Ignore the crapy photo . Supplied items are re-zinced .
Price $80 plus postage 
KV75 rims sandblasted and repainted .
$110 Plus postage
Rear brake plate . Re-zinced 
Price $80 Plus postage